Did we sent you a donation request?

Did we sent you a donation request?

Hello. We sent a number of letters and emails asking for a donation. Did you receive one of those requests? If so, please give me another short moment:

We are not marketing specialists. We may not have used the right words or even the format you expected. We asked for your help because we need it. Every penny we have goes into equipment and organizational expenses (like insurance). If you have any doubts in regard to our charity, our job, our equipment or any other concern – please contact us. We are happy to talk to you or invite you over to our office. You are also welcome to watch how we train and what we do.

But again: We can’t do our work without support from the community. Just the other night, we were out supporting the Roswell Community Disaster Relief Service by patrolling the parks and undeveloped areas of our city trying to locate and help folks in distress during the extremely cold nights. It would have made our work much easier if we would have had night vision or FLIR units. But we can’t afford that.

When we go out on our next Search & Rescue mission, we might find a hunter, a hiker, or a child with the need for expedient medical care. Since we don’t have a capable Side-by-Side ATV, our volunteers will have to carry the person out losing valuable time.

Search & Rescue in New Mexico doesn’t receive any funding from any governmental organization. We are on our own. Read More ..

We train hard – we are mission-ready and willing to do what has to be done. But with limited equipment, it is harder, less efficient and much more time consuming to get the job done.

In return, we are willing to place your logo on sponsored vehicles, on our website and on printed materials we distribute. We also have a “sponsorship wall” on which we prominently display or sponsor’s logos. The “sponsorship wall” will be shown during public trainings, on fairs, shows and other events we are participating in.

Please – help us to help others.

You can use this PAYPAL link to donate with a credit card, but we prefer checks to save on fees.

Pecos Valley Public Services
501(c)(3) – Tax-ID 92-0952633
P.O. Box 488
200 W. First Street, #516
Roswell, NM 88202

On behalf of the Pecos Valley team: Thank You.