How we can help

How we can help

Pecos Valley Public Services is first and foremost an emergency volunteer organization providing trained, certified personnel, vehicles, tools and materials to deal with urgent and emergency situations. Among other things, we own:

Emergency Response Vehicle: This air conditioned truck carries first response materials including generator,scene lights, ropes and climbing gear, traffic cones, communications equipment, BLS medical equipment and materials and a supply of water and MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat).

UTV (Off-road, 6×6): This unit is equipped for night operation with additional flood lights. The unit has a winch and is able to carry a medical skid (with rescue basket) if required.

Drones / UAVs: We are able to provide / deploy multiple units to provide optical and thermal imagery.

4×4 vehicles: We are able to deploy multiple 4×4 capable vehicles to carry supplies and/or personnel.

Communications gear: Hand held and mobile: UHF / VHF radios (ham license required) , VHF radios (Part 90) to be used on our own VHF frequency, UHF radios (GMRS license required), and FRS radios that can be used by anybody (pre-programmed). We also have satellite communication devices (text only) and radio direction finders to be used to locate ELTs.

All of our volunteers are at minimum qualified to provide CPR/AED services and are “Stop the Bleed” trained. Our field personnel is FEMA ICS trained and required to undergo physical fitness and background checks. Among our responders are FAA Part 107 UAV pilots, NREMT registered medical volunteers, ham radio operators and NM Search&Rescue certified volunteers. (we are NOT affiliated with New Mexico Search & Rescue).

We are usually ready to deploy a rapid response team about 1 hour after accepting a mission.