Want to join?

Want to join?

Providing Emergency Services is a rewarding opportunity to help others. But please know this: Not only will you have to invest both time and (some) money, you will also have to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. We are volunteers. There are no monetary compensations in any form.

Consider the following:

Call-Outs can happen at any time, day or night, rain or shine. It is understood that commitments such as work and family might prevent you from deploying on a mission but you are expected to deploy on all possible missions.  You are an Emergency Responder, afterall.

You will have to pass certifications and we will provide the training free of charge. But you will have to purchase the required clothing and equipment yourself.

You will have to meet certain physical fitness requirements if you want to be considered “Field Personnel”. But we are offering auxiliary positions as well.

What do we get in return? Mutual trust and friendship among the team members, a lot of helpful knowledge, fun and the satisfaction of being able to help.

If you are interested in becoming a SAR Team member, please send us a message .