New Rules

New Rules

A team is not a group that knows each other, but that trusts each other. We are first
responders, we are being called when police, fire or ems can’t do the job. People rely on us,
there are lives at stake. To be able to handle whatever is being thrown at us, we need training,
physical fitness and knowledge.

As you all know, we had three people at the 2023 New Mexico Search & Rescue Council’s
ESCAPE meeting. From the whiff I got while talking to the head of New Mexico SAR and
several Incident Commanders – we are not being high on the “trusted” list because of the
mediocre experience they had with other small teams. I assured them that this would not be
the experience they will have with us.

But here’s the thing: In order to fulfill our obligations, we need more training. In the field and
in the class room. To that end, the directors have decided to implement the following:

1) Attendance to missions, meetings, and training will be mandatory in the future. Every
member can asked company officers or directors to be excused. Whoever doesn’t show up
without prior excuse from the officers or directors will be noted as missing unexcused.
Volunteers will automatically be suspended after three unexcused missed missions, meetings,
or training. Suspended members will automatically be dismissed after 6 months of
suspension. The directors shall reinstate a suspended volunteer if he/she has corrected their

2) It is the responsibility of the volunteers to monitor their phone messages. A missed
message or phone call will not be an accepted excuse for missing a mission, meeting, or

3) All volunteers are required to have their ICS 100 / ICS 200 by May 31 st . No excuses.
Volunteers unable to require those certificates will be suspended.

We are not like other small teams. We are first responders. We accept the responsibilities and
challenges that come with that job.

In this spirit, we are establishing a “Jump Team” that has the training and is willing to go out
on missions at a moments notice. This team will be the first to be activated when we get a
call-out. Other volunteers will be called if necessary.

The “Jump Team” will get:

  • a dedicated patch;
  • a radio to be reachable at all times;
  • agency sponsored GMRS license;
  • agency sponsored special training (WFR, Part 107 … )

The “Jump Team” will be assigned to our Emergency Response Vehicle.

Any volunteer in good standing can be asked to be added to the “Jump Team” roster, but the
jump-team members decide on their own whether or not to add a volunteer into their team.
Jump team members may be dropped from the roster after any unexcused absence from
missions or training

The first “Jump Team” will be established during Sunday’s business meeting.

After ESCAPE I understand that we need to become much more serious about what we do.
The Pecos Valley Public Services officers and directors intent to meet this challenge.
We seriously hope you will too.

Thank you very much.